4 States Sports was created to help young athletes from all over to learn to increase their skills in order to play at the next level in their sport and to be able to increase their chances of success in life by sending them on to college, ideally on an athletic scholarship.

But something was missing. We really wanted to be able to help all kids, not just though that their families could afford the cost of travel ball, tournaments, camps and combines. We knew there was a lot of talent out there that was not being seen by the college coaches because the athlete did not have the family support or the finances to make it happen.

From that idea, The Resilience Foundation was born! TRF makes sure that every child has a chance to compete at the same level, no matter the cost. Through our Hurdle Buster program, kids can apply for the scholarship and will be able to be a part of our 2% Program as well as any of the camps and/or combines.

We do several fund raisers a year to support this program. Check out our website at The Resilience Foundation.