Starting in January, Rick will be accepting clients.
Check for open sessions beginning in January at


4SS Sports Facility at 13359 Jay Road, Neosho, MO.




Male and Female clients are accepted.

Training with Rick

What to bring to the table: A desire to improve your quality of life for yourself and those around you.

Rick has multiple classes available for 40+, Senior Fitness, and Special Needs Programming.

Booking Options:
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Beginners: You Can Do This

No limit $78.00 a month, up to 20 sessions. (Member discounts apply!)

Monday thru Friday 10 am – 11 am.

Been gone for a while, starting over, or never been doesn’t matter. These classes are low or no impact programming designed to bring back strength, energy, balance, and posture that you remember when you were younger. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired this progressive approach to getting back in the game is the first step to strengthening toning and conditioning. Perfect for those with minor mobility problems “Do it lite, do it right”

You Can Do This! $78 per month. (Member discounts apply!)

Bring The Heat, You Got This!

No limit $90.00 a month, up to 20 sessions. (Member discounts apply!)

Monday thru Friday 1 pm – 2pm.

You feel pretty good, still got some juice?

So let’s burn some pounds up Revvvv that metabolism. Nobody knows you better than you, never set limits on what you can do or your goals. A more integrated class utilizing various techniques and equipment focusing on those pesky few pounds and endurance you didn’t know you had.

Never wonder if you can, know that you can. Be appreciated for your discipline.

Bring The Heat $90 per month. (Member discounts apply!)

The 3%ers

$500.00 month. (Member discounts apply!)
Tuesday and Thursday 2 pm – 3 pm. Limited makeup sessions.
C.A.M principal (Consistency, Accountability, and Motivation).

Time to kick the tires and light the fires.

Here’s something scary…….. Sarcopenia!

The average American adult over the age of 30 will lose 3% of their lean muscle mass a year, so use it or lose it, is a real deal. ALTHOUGH, this FACT is a double-edged sword. Maintaining and increasing lean muscle mass is a major marker in increased longevity, cognitive function, and reduction of chronic illness across the spectrum OR an increased marker for mortality from broken hips, legs, and arms alongside those same degenerative diseases and chronic illness.

Here we pull out all the stops using all the tools in the box, preparing you to take control with HOW TO, WHEN TO, and most importantly, WHY TO.

Strength, Endurance, Proprioception, and most importantly Knowledge, Awareness, and Information. This may sound harsh, however, let your suffering, be the source of your strength.

The 3%ers $500 per month. (Member discounts apply!)

Corrective Exercise Program

Requirements: Physician Release and Informational Interview.
Physical assessment and program by appointment only.

$100.00- $150.00 per hour. (Member discounts apply!)

Picking up where the medical therapy ended. Knee and hip replacements, accidents, ambulatory difficulties, stroke, CP and mild neuromuscular patients.

Please call Rick to schedule an appointment at (417) 355-1025. Fees will be determined after your evaluation.

Beginners: Tai Chi

$70.00 Month. (Member discounts apply!)
Individuals and small groups by appointment only. Times T.B.D. by time and space available.

Beginners Tai Chi $70 per month. (Member discounts apply!)

One-on-One Private Training With Rick

Specific training to meet client goals.

5 Hours 5 hours – $420.00 (Member discounts apply!)

10 Hours 10 hours – $840. (Member discounts apply!)

15 Hours 15 hours – $1,260 per month. (Member discounts apply!)


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What Do We Have To Offer?

Our new weight room is open! We have tons of camps, combines and other events coming in 2021. Check out our Coaches and Trainers page to get started on the program that will work best for you. Be sure and check out our Membership page for great discounts! 

Our outdoor batting cages are always open and our turf field is available for field practice.

Have you looked at our 2% Program? As an athlete looking to play collegiate sports, this is the program for you!

Be sure and review our cancellation policy when signing up for an event or class of any kind!

Call Coach Garrett if you have any questions! 417-592-8808