November 2020
Tuesday, 11/3 5pm-6pm
Thursday, 11/5 5pm-6pm
Sunday, 11/8 3pm-4pm
Tuesday, 11/10 5pm-6pm
Thursday, 11/12 5pm-6pm
Sunday, 11/15 3pm-4pm
Tuesday, 11/17 4pm-5pm
Thursday, 11/19 4pm-5pm
Sunday, 11/22 3pm-4pm


4SS Sports Facility at 13359 Jay Drive, Neosho, MO.


All sports




You are never too young or too old to improve your speed and agility. This is about learning how your body works and how to maximize your potential.

  1. Speed and Agility training focuses on increasing the power behind your every move as well as improving your reaction time, speed and agility. We’ll have you moving sideways (frontal), forward (sagittal) and rotationally (transverse) to help you reach new levels of agility, speed, and power.
  2. Movement patterns designed to optimize an athlete’s ability to execute when they’re competing. Every aspect of training has a specific purpose, process, and result. Whether you’re trying to up your hurdle game for track or increase your speed for soccer, our Speed and Agility training will help you to realize your performance goals as well as get ready for upcoming sports specific camps and combines.
  3. Injuries are the worst possible outcome in the world of sports. Our programming is designed to not only enhance athletic performance but also to reduce the risk of injury.

We offer Speed and Agility training for individuals and teams, youth to adult. No matter where you are in your performance journey, we’ll work to create a training plan to help you reach your performance goals.

Registration Options:

Register now for 3 Week Speed and Agility Training

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For our last week, price is only $60! Members get 25% discount off of that.

Speed & Agility $60 per athlete. Member Discounts apply.

1X Speed & Agility Training Drop-in Fee $25 (pick your days, $25 each day)

What Do We Have To Offer?
Our new weight room is open! We have tons of camps, combines and other events coming in 2021. Check out our Coaches and Trainers page to get started on the program that will work best for you. Be sure and check out our Membership page for great discounts! 

Our outdoor batting cages are always open and our turf field is available for field practice.

Have you looked at our 2% Program? As an athlete looking to play collegiate sports, this is the program for you!

Be sure and review our cancellation policy when signing up for an event or class of any kind!

State Rules and Regulations: 

Please check in to the High School Sports Participation Rules in regards to athletic participation in your state. It is up to you to know and abide by these rules set by the state where your athlete is in school. Make sure that the laws/bylaws as to the time period when each athlete can/cannot participate in camps and combines of any particular sport is within the time of the camp or combine that you are signing up for.

Call Coach Garrett if you have any questions! 417-592-8808