Sheena has been a personal trainer since 2004.  She Is highly energetic, fun, and loves to help others reach their fitness goals.  She is certified in Group Training, Personal Training, Nutrition, Yoga, Pilates’ and more. 

Sheena teaches Bootcamps, Zumba, Kickboxing and other high-energy classes.

Her motto is to make workouts fun, yet manageable and effective. She has worked with those with medical issues a pro-soccer player and everything in between. 

Sheena will help you define your goals and design a workout and meal plan you will love.  

Sheena also loves and is well-versed in Basketball, Volleyball and Softball. She loves all sports and enjoys training an individual to become their best in a specific sport. 

Sheena Renae says that she is the kind of trainer that will push you, encourage you and hold you accountable. 

Contact Coach Garrett for more information at 417-592-8808.

What Do We Have To Offer?

We are on our way to having a lot to offer you! Our outdoor batting cages are always open and our turf field is available for field practice. We have broken ground on our new weight room and have tons of camps, combines and other events planned in 2021. Be sure and check out our Membership page for great discounts!