In addition to our batting cages we have some regular services to offer you as well. Private Coaching is always available. Check out the 2021 Events being scheduled now!

Specific conditioning drills to determine speed, strength and skill level

Camps and Combines

Our combines offer sport specific conditioning drills to determine speed, strength and skill level depending on the sport. The athlete’s abilities are put on display for coaches and scouts throughout the country.

2021 Schedule of Events

Private coaching available to insure scholarships!

Private Coaching

We offer group training as well as private coaching. We implement individualized programming designed to build functional strength, improve speed and agility, and sport specific skills.

Meet Our Coaches

Evaluation is key in any sport!

Testing and Analysis

We evaluate each athlete individually. We test strength, speed, movement and specific skills to establish their baseline. We get to know the athlete and understand their goals to plan a program for them.

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Training athletes for the future

Athletics is about mindset, time management and self discipline. We focus on all of this in our training.


We will create a long-term development plan to help young athletes achieve their goals.

What Do We Have To Offer?

We are on our way to having a lot to offer you! Our outdoor batting cages are always open and our turf field is available for field practice. We have broken ground on our new weight room and have tons of camps, combines and other events planned in 2021. Be sure and check out our Membership page for great discounts!