The youngest of four boys, Rick attended Fenton highschool in Fenton Michigan. Graduating in 1974, he lettered in football, basketball, baseball, and track. After graduation, he enlisted in the United States Navy Seabees, a naval mobile construction battalion, where he was rated as a utility man working in air conditioning refrigeration plumbing and pipe fitting capacities from 1974 to 1980.

He attended Pontiac business institute, majoring in computer information systems. Upon graduation, he began working for companies like Ford motor company on EDI projects (electronic data interchange), Chrysler-Jeep truck, and product design styling department building relational databases for product-development tracking.

In the Mid-80s Rick relocated to Missouri to manage the health and welfare issues of aging parents. It was at this point that he revisited and reignited his passion for health and fitness.

In the years that followed Rick enrolled at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, specializing in Senior Fitness. He currently holds a lifetime member status.

Currently certification and licenses include:


    • *Required additional coursework
  • Isometric positioning
  • Goniometric measurement
  • Manual manipulations
  • Integrated core
  • Rehabilitation related to corrective surgeries and trauma.
  • Healthways and associates Tai chi instructor certification as an adjunct to rehabilitation processes in 2016.

Rick was hired in 2015 to spearhead the Silver Sneakers program: a Senior’s National Fitness Initiative by Healthways Incorporated and Freeman health systems at the YMCA of Joplin, Missouri. An overwhelming success with multiple classes added to the schedule in an amazingly short period of time.

As staff, he participated and conducted Freeman hospital fitness classes, YMCA weight loss challenges and events, in addition to public speaking on age and health related issues. i.e Missouri National Nurses Association Diabetic Mellitus health topics.

Rick has served as an area-wide instructional substitute across all venues. For example the Millennium Tennis and Racquetball Club and all YMCA satellite area locations.

Throughout his career Rick has always voiced the motto:

Train With Rick

Contact Coach Garrett for more information at 417-592-8808.

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