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4SS Sports Facility at 13359 Jay Road, Neosho, MO.





Age Range

All students starting in 7th Grade thru 12th Grade in Fall of 2020.



College recruiting can be a long process, but the more information coaches have, the better decisions they will make.

This Combine/Camp will be run by current and former college coaches as well as former college and NFL players. We will run each player through an NFL-Style Testing Combine, then break off into individual skills drills and competitions to evaluate their skill level and assess their strengths and opportunities. We will also have a discussion with the players and parents at the end of both sessions to discuss college recruiting and how to start the process of getting recruited.

The first thing measured is height and weight.  Based upon a player’s size, there are different expectations on how you should perform during the combine.

If a player is undersized, they will need to perform better in the drills to make up for their stature.  If a player is big for their position and also runs fast times, they will find themselves at the top of the list when it comes times to make an offer.


Pro Agility Shuttle (5-10-5)

40 – Yard Dash with Laser Timer

Vertical Jump

Broad Jump

Bench Test 

It is important to become the best that you can be at all the drills no matter what your strengths or weaknesses.  Off-season training generally includes the same drills used for combine testing, which means athletes are expected to have a basic understanding of the drills.

No matter what your combine numbers are, the coach has one question; “can he play”.  Performing well at a combine will definitely improve every player’s chances of advancing to the next level. Unlike any other combine, 4SS not only works with the player but we work to make sure that the coaches that you want to be seen by are either watching on live video or have access to your individual videos.

Signing up for the Combine:

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We will start at 5pm. Bring lot’s of water! Wear or bring rubber cleats. T-shirts will be provided.

(prices below do not include sales tax)

Non-Neosho Athletes – $120

Neosho Athletes – $60

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State Rules and Regulations: 

Please check in to the High School Sports Participation Rules in regards to athletic participation in your state. It is up to you to know and abide by these rules set by the state where your athlete is in school. Make sure that the laws/bylaws as to the time period when each athlete can/cannot participate in camps and combines of any particular sport is within the time of the camp or combine that you are signing up for.

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