For your young athlete to get the most out of their sports camp experience, it’s important that they are prepared.  Making sure your athlete has everything they need allows them to concentrate on learning the skills and drills taught at camp.  Prepared athletes are more focused!

Camp Essentials

  1. A small backpack or tote bag that can hold all of their essential items.
  2. There are a ton of different water bottles on the market, but none of the colors or features matter if your young athlete can’t easily refill it or carry it. Consider a bottle with a handle that can also fit in or attach to their backpack to help keep it from getting lost.
  3. Blisters can quickly ruin any camp experience, so it’s extremely important to outfit your athletes in well-fitted shoes that provide good support. Advise your young athlete to put on extra socks if they start to feel tender or sore spots on their feet. If the camp is an overnight camp Flip-Flops or Crocs at night will help their feet to air out.
  4. Consider the elements and pack accordingly for different weather situations. Sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm, a hat, rain jacket, breathable clothing, an extra pair of shoes are never bad ideas, especially in warmer weather.
  5. Your young athlete is going to get sweaty, even in the coolest temperatures. Make sure they have a towel to wipe off with.
  6. Energy is important! Pack some snacks that are easy to eat and will provide energy.