Dani began her pitching career in Carl Junction at age of 12. (1987). In 1989 she was recruited to play on a travel team in Webb City, MO called the A’s. This experience gave her the opportunity to be seen by other teams as well as college recruiters. She also substituted for other teams playing as much softball as she could, as it was not an option to play softball in high school at that time.

Her parents helped her by sending her to a pitching clinic at Crowder College in Neosho. Annie Westfall was the coach at that time and she provided the foundation of Dani’s pitching style and philosophy. After Annie left Crowder, Dani continued working with Millie George. Eventually she also received instruction from Brad Horky from Pitt State and attended camps at OSU.
Dani has been sharing her love of the sport since she was 16-years-old. She has provided pitching lessons to the younger girls in the community and supported local leagues by helping coach teams.

As the other girls in the A’s graduated, Dani was recruited to play with The Bowring Wranglers out of Bowring, OK. She traveled with them playing in OK and Texas.
After graduating from Webb City High School in 1993 Dani was awarded a Full-Ride Scholarship to NEO. She had other offers but the coach at NEO was happy to take all seniors from The Wranglers.
After an injury in her second year of college, Dani was unable to continue playing at that level. She returned home to Missouri and continued to offer and provide pitching instruction to younger girls as well as assist local leagues and coached teams. She also helped traveling teams and has continued to do this throughout the years.

Dani not only teaches girls softball, but teaches them how softball can give you tools to deal with life. She said that she continues to use the tools that she learned daily and hopes all the girls she has worked with over so many years are able to continue to use those tools as well. “Because lets face it, sometimes life gets hard and we need to learn to cope,  to deal and to carry on. You have to learn both winning and losing. There comes a time you need some help and you have to learn how to accept it. Sometimes you give all you have but you have to get pulled out of the game so someone can try to bail out the team. Probably one of the most valuable things that softball teaches is teamwork. Having people on your side to work with you for a common goal is so valuable. It is so important to learn how to work with a team to maximize each other’s strengths and to help each other to gain strength in their weaknesses.”

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