Chris Gilmore has been a student, player, and coach of softball for 10 years.

Chris believes that anyone who plays the great sport of softball can find things they need to improve on whether it be hitting, fielding, speed, or learning to control their pitching more consistently.

Coach Gilmore looks forward to helping you achieve whatever goals you have for yourself.

Chris promises, when he becomes your instructor, he will match your intensity level. He is someone who will never give up on you. He will learn about what you want to accomplish and figure out the best plan of action to accomplish your goals.

Every athlete requires a little something different when it comes to how they are coached. Chris can recognize these needs and make sure you are coached in the most effective way to become the best athlete you can be. Coach Gilmore is looking forward to working with you!

If you will be pitching, please bring a catcher with you so Coach Gilmore can concentrate on you!

Non-member prices
One-on-One Classes $60.00 for 1 Hour
Member discounts apply!

Contact Coach Garrett for more information at 417-592-8808.