How many players can I have on my roster?

The maximum number of players on the roster for any given tournament is SIX.    Teams playing more than 6 players during the course of an event will be disqualified.

How are tournament brackets formed?

4 States Sports takes registration based upon both birth year and skill level.  Tournament directors then use this and any other information available (including a team’s previous results) to form the most competitive brackets possible at each tournament.  

When registering – please include age group in your team name.

As each 4SS tournament is a different mix of ages and skill levels, all division placements will be will be reviewed by the tournament director and teams may, at the sole discretion of the tournament director, be moved up or down to form the most competitive brackets possible.

** Please note that a player may play in a division older than his/her age, but not in a younger division.

What can be used for Proof of Age?

Any one of the following are acceptable – Player pass, passport (copy), birth certificate (copy) or drivers license.

Can a goal be scored from anywhere on the field?

NO, goals must be last touched (by either team) in the OFFENSIVE half of the field only. On a kickoff, the ball is not considered in the offensive half of the field. The ball must be completely on the offensive half and must roll over the mid-line in order to be shot into the goal.

Can a player pass through the goal box?

Yes, players may pass through the goal box as long as they do not touch the ball while in this area. The box extends upward from painted lines and touching the ball in the air above the box is a violation.

What are the dimensions of the goal and goal box?

3v3 Live uses BOWNET Goals which are 4ft high and 8ft wide – These goals are the best! The goal box is 10 feet wide and 8 feet deep and is directly in front of the goal. No player may touch the ball within this area.

What happens when a defender touches the ball in the box or when he/she is touching the goal box line?

A penalty kick is awarded to the offensive team

What happens if the ball completely stops in the goal box?

A goal kick is awarded to the defensive team regardless of which team touched it last.

Who has to be at Check-in?

One representative from each team is required at check-in one-hour before the team’s first game. Please have proof of age for each player available at each game in case of an age/identity protest.

Can I change my roster after I register?

Yes. If you need to make changes to your roster, you can login to your account online and make the necessary changes. If you need to make changes to your roster after the registration deadline, you must do so at the team check in.

How many games are we guaranteed?

Four games guaranteed, but teams will possibly play five to six games if they play in larger divisions or advance through the playoffs.

When will schedules be available?

For qualifiers, first game times for each team will be posted by 7:00 p.m. of the Thursday evening before the tournament.

How do I become a referee for the tournament?

If you are a qualified Referee, please email the event director listed on the event page for your area.

How many male and female players are required for a CO-ED team?

For the Adult Coed divisions, each team must have at least 1 female on the field at all times. The roster can consist of any combination of male and female players as long as one female player is on the field at all times from each team. This rule does not apply to youth divisions.

Can Girls play on Boys teams?

Female players can play in male divisions. Male Divisions can include teams with Boys and or Girls on the roster.

How do I get to the 4 State Sports Facilities and Check-in Site?

A link and map can be found on each event page to the tournament site.

What happens if there are not enough teams of my gender/age/skill level to form a division?

When there are limited teams in certain divisions, we will do our best to combine age and skill divisions as best as we can. If a team decides that the planned division does not look like it will present a good experience for the team, they can withdraw for a full refund as late as Tuesday at midnight. That way a team can see the teams they will be playing with in time to be able to withdraw for a full refund.

What happens in the case of foul weather?

Prior to the day of the event the Tournament Director will make a decision regarding schedule changes, delays or postponement due the forecasted weather or field conditions. Teams are responsible for checking 4 States Sports for information regarding the impact of weather on the event.

During the Event, games will be played through rain as long as the weather does not become severe; particularly in the case of Storms with Lightning, play will be suspended until conditions improve and it is safe to resume play. Conditions will be checked every 30 minutes and the decision to resume play will be considered every 30 minutes until play can be resumed. Games can be shortened or modified if needed to complete the event during bad weather conditions.

What are the requirements for uniforms?

Teams must wear similar colored jerseys and each team must have a dark and light colored shirt available. Numbers are not required, and jerseys do not have to be identical, just close enough so that it is clear that the players are on the same team.

All players are required to wear Shin Guards

All players are required to wear Shin Guards. Players without Shin guards will not be permitted to play.

When and how can teams substitute players?

Teams may substitute during any stoppage of play with the approval of the referee. All substitutions must take place at the midline.

What are the dimensions of 3v3 fields and goals?

Fields for 4-8 year olds are 30 yards long by 20 yards wide.  Age 9 and older teams will play on fields that are 30 yards wide by 40 yards long. Goals are 4 feet high by 8 feet wide.

Will teams be accepted into the tournament after the deadline?

The deadline (for guaranteed acceptance) is shown on the web site. After that date, teams can still apply, however your team will only be added if there is room in your division.

Refund & Bad Weather Policy:

4 STATES SPORTS TOURNAMENT REFUND POLICY / BAD WEATHER POLICY: We understand that there will be an 80% refund granted if your tournament is canceled due to inclement weather before the day of the tournament.  In case of inclement weather day of tournament, the Event Director reserves the right to reduce the number of scheduled games and/or the time of games and/or postpone or delay game times and/or cancel the event in which case partial refunds may or may not be issued. Every effort will be made to complete games and the tournament. Full or partial registration fees may be transferred to another 4 States Sports event of your choice at no charge.  Thank you for your support of 4 States Sports.  Please review our complete cancellation policy by going to: